Writing your CV

This article DOES NOT give recommendations about writing a great CV (there are a surprisingly high number of articles doing that though) and what to put in there and what not to. I am no expert to be giving out that suggestion. After my many attempts to get experience,  I could not believe that I have transformed in the kind of person who can look at such a big positive out of the continuous stream of rejections I received.


This “treasure” or the insight is to not think of CV as a job application tool but a tool to guide your thoughts and professional decisions. Its after all, you in one page! Its a one-page representation of the best in you which hopefully excited the company enough to train you to be one of them. Now, I am sure there are things that you are good at but cannot put it there, or you are a kick ass entrepreneur who might say I don’t need/have certifications for life skills.

“But the point is not to actually prepare a CV, but prepare one for yourself (like a journal) and list experiences (work or life experiences) and in bullet points state what you actually learnt from these experiences! “

The experience could vary depending on your personal experiences and circumstances but maintaining such a document for yourself can really help you identify the positive and the pain points across your different dimensions of experiences. There are dozen of researched inferences that suggest the following points:

  • Writing your life goals and learnings help you be more efficient and more productive
  • When you write down your thoughts and learnings, being specific to your experiences you develop a habit of doing the exercise internally in your head. This can streamline your thought process regarding your work or certain spheres of life, and can help you keep a check on your progress in the same.

Da Vinci, like a million other things was also ahead of his time when we wrote the first CV in 1482, when he was 30 years old!! In his CV he explains his intentions very clearly and what he wanted to achieve through this work, while showing what made him curious about this kind of work in the first place.

Over the years, we have destroyed the meaning CVs actually carried within and was even first written for – to demonstrate how you can get ahead with your personal ambitions and goals and how this work can help you achieve these goals while also benefitting the organization, since it was well understood that you do a job for more personal benefits than actually doing better for the company itself. Caution here is that, you can have the aim to help the organization as well with skills that you don’t have, but there has to be a logical build up on how you see that happening, which convinces the firm of your intentions and motivation.

I know this does not help you with your job applications but maybe this could be taken as a self- help tip to keep track and analyze your life experiences in a better and a more efficient manner. So, go ahead and Make a great CV!

Da Vinci Resume


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