Which phone should I buy ?!

Should I get an iPhone or an Android? Or should I think about it economically, and make my marwari family proud?

Let me tell you from where this started.

A year ago, my dad got me this 6000 Rs phone from this upcoming chinese manufacturer called Xiomi (which is now pretty much up there!) and this was his way of getting back at me for losing my iPhone 4 recently, but i was actually pretty glad with the phone and took it well. Back then I was in the whole loop of branded phones, etc.

After a lot of cribbing and “dropping” the phone in the hope that I would finally prove its inferior quality standards,  my super phone contrary to the other expensive phones in the market not only sustained those intentional blows but was super efficient and did all that a phone that costs thrice the amount could do.

This led to an intense debate with my best friend who has a Nexus 5 (another beautiful phone btw) and he claimed that branded phones might get slower with time but they definitely last long, which i couldn’t debate on since i sold my phone in a year, which i am sure would have lasted long enough).

So without further ado, here is my analysis and justification for the phone purchase and the 10k rule.

P.S: Mi4i and Nexus5 have exactly the same configuration, with the same manufacturers for their processor, etc. only difference in the RAM size, and also that Mi4i is sleeker!

Phone Comparison


Also don’t forget, that to incur the same monthly rate, in those 30 months of the “branded phone” this picture claims that it will have the same condition as a one year old (which i doubt). And Mi4i calculations are for 12 months; with equal monthly rentals for all the calculations are taken to be 500/-

I hope this reduces the whole frenzy, whole moment of buying whats expensive because it has to be better since its so much more expensive. I just want to convey that I am sure you’d have better reasons to buy a phone which might be aesthetically more sound, but instead with the money saved, you could enjoy a nice weekend trip to somewhere close, discover a new place, join a gym, etc.



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