Food for love?

I recently was having a very delicious meal prepared by my Grandmother. It had all kind of vegetables (prepared in Indian curry of course) with dal (protein), and chapatti (Indian bread), and as soon as I thought I had well eaten beyond my limits, my Grandmother almost in a swift ninja like accuracy and speed, served me with yet another piece of bread, which is a very common practise in our Indian tradition.

This experience, made me wonder if this was a practice that is healthy (of course overeating in unhealthy, but I mean culturally). Someone once told me that the fact we Indians do this is because we gained freedom quite recently, and just having the means to extra food, and being able to offer food is a way of showing affection (because food was a scarce resource to the slave Indian class). This prompted me to think how many kids (and adults, but who cares?) are still out there on the road who would literally be dreaming about getting a single meal like the one I was generously being over served. This pondering continued during the chocolates that I was served post dinner.

The 10 second google search led me to some basic facts. Being aware of these superficial facts puts this into perspective and should make you think twice before you waste your food or continue eating beyond what you require and can actually relish.

India currently has over 30 million obese people with an expected increase of 5% per year. A study published in the noted medical journal Lancet says India is just behind US and China in this global hazard list of top 10 countries with highest number of obese people. Surprisingly, we are also a country where 270 million people live below poverty line. These stats at some level show the experience I had while having dinner at my Grandmothers, where I was being stuffed with unnecessary food as a show of affection, many neglected underprivileged kids waited for someone to donate them food for the day. So in order to try making a tiny little contribution to saving the extra food, I have pledged to avoid  one meal per day till I graduate, and also offer food to the homeless once a week till then (and continue doing so). I hope the reader tries and does her bit too.


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