The Berenschot Project Management Model

When you immerse yourself in a project, and gone through the planning as meticulously as possible, a pair of fresh eyes could be your most valued assets. Although when you don’t, a great model to rely on is ‘The Berenschot Project Management Model’.

The model simply breaks down the project into various sub-tasks and works its way from a whole to part approach. It helps you provide a checklist of tasks that you should have considered in the planning process.

Assuming a hypothetical project to demonstrate the model:

To find key players for the Business Development team of your organization 


Conclusion: Going through the process will make sure you have throughly thought through not only the various phases of your project but also that you have designed your work team/tasks to handle those phases as efficiently as possible. Additionally, the regular management cycle also ensure that you update your KPIs and stay alert on any possible changes that might occur in an uncertain environment.


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