Pursuit of “Passion”

A recent study stated: “95% of engineers are unfit for jobs”

Okay so that news is not entirely shocking, but I didn’t expect that number to be that high is what it is.

One of my friends, recently linked me to a video on the working attitudes of millennials. It spoke about how the millennials want to travel the world, enjoy an asset light life, etc. but one thing that I think widely gets overrated is “Passion”. Its all about finding your passion and until then its becoming quite normal to be confused rather than being in the state of finding your passion rather than just giving up.

I used to be one of “them” as well (quite comfortable with the confusion and hoping that my passion is just waiting right around the corner). Thinking back, the horribly wrong things that I felt and thought during my graduation. I hope to describe them as clearly as I can in the hope that it will help someone.

There was a movie called “3 Idiots”  which was really popular in India a couple of years ago which rightly exposed the mentality of a common man/parent of “producing” engineers or doctors. Although after that movie, it was a general topic among people and same amongst parents and their kids about pursuing your passion. The only problem was: Most kids equated passion with non-conventional careers, bought some SLR’s and others started hating themselves for being engineers or doctors!

My father however had a different opinion which I have to admit I didn’t completely like at the time, but now I can only look back at how right he was.

He told me that passion does not come from sitting and finding something and then pursuing it, he believed that passion comes from hard work. And what he meant by that was no matter what you do, its the how you do it that determines your passion. When you work tirelessly and continuously towards something you tend to think and believe of it as your passion!

I cant help but notice the merging of some ground breaking theories, on different frontiers to this very fact like “fake it till you make it”, “principles of influence”, etc. It has been proved through research that you tend to like people whom you just see and interact more often. It does not matter how is the quality of the interaction or what you spoke about, as long as you see them you tend to like them more. To take a giant leap I want to extend this thought to your work place, I believe no matter what you do, when you put in your invaluable time into something you generate love for it. You start entering into a relationship with it so to say.

Currently while looking for internships I found myself drifting away from this thought again and thank god I recollected myself and thought about the positives around me. I still am gaining access to world class education at ESMT Berlin and have the chance to learn a new language! I have some really good friends and a strong support system all around me which I think is more than anyone could hope for. I have come to believe that things are what you make of it and I believe the start in my career would be no different, I have never been more open to making decisions and taking up choices that are not necessarily my passion, but who knows, it might as well turn out to be!!


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