Keen to learn

Google It!

Recently, I had to make a presentation on a particular topic for my final juries, and the first thing I did was to google the topic to find out the previous work done on the subject, etc. After going through three google search pages, I had what i wanted – a structure for my presentation as well as some really good material that i could include. Having spent a semester full of classes on the topic I still had to rely on world of Internet for this, although arguable, I don’t know if this is a boon or a curse for the whole learning process of a student or anyone for that matter.

Google and YouTube are rapidly becoming our new encyclopaedias. 

Relying on technology is always considered as not a very admirable trait by our elders, but that opinion is often ignored because we tend to think that their opinions are outdated. Although come to think about it, when was the last time we actually tried learning something by going out in the market to find out about the subject in question. Is this model of learning, which although seems like a boon, a curse in disguise?

In my opinion the answer is neither a yes nor a no. It is a boon while learning things that you don’t know or haven’t spent time studying about. Something like say economics to me, or news related to my field of work, But its a curse when its something that is done to cut the hard work required by you in terms of learning.

Many students use the platform for their learnings thinking that it saves them time, agreeing on the saving time part, what it actually does is save the time that you are actually wasting just blindly googling on the go. Instead I propose a better system to learn and not just “Re-Search”,even if it takes double the time, I think a better and a practical approach to learning would be to go out and talk to people related to the subject at hand, or going to your professors asking them how to go about it. I am sure by the end of it, you’ll not only have gained a better perspective towards the subject, but also some realities of things that would not have been mentioned in the ideal world of google searches. 

So go out there and LEARN and not just SEARCH!


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