Understanding Choices

This i am sure is something many people often wonder, be it in the end of a happy relationship, or during a job change, or a stressful life, listening to a song , etc. Although what is it that we seek from life in general ? Is it just change from what you have been doing for a long period of time? Or is it something materialistic or something social i.e. for the betterment of others in the society.

“I think a very important component is answering this for yourself, is to firstly, know that these are not comparable choices, these are choices measured very differently.”

For example a materialistic gain cannot be compared with say a social help that you provided, both have their different ways of making us happy. When we do understand that the choices are actually not comparable, it allows us to look at things in totality.

Seeking materialistic gains to me seems like the most simple form of sugar. By that, i mean its an instant dose of happiness but it doesn’t last very long and also its after effects include bringing down your energy levels, in the analogy meaning you seek other materialistic gains.

On the other hand, doing something for the betterment of the society, would definitely ask more from you in terms of efforts, dealing with people who don’t share the vision, but in the long run it is more satisfying as a human being. Because after all what we all seek is satisfaction within. Satisfaction of having made a difference. Therefore for the sake of the continuation of the analogy, Work done for the betterment of others would be the fiber may be.

Often its a conflict which we all face during times we have to choose. For me its to choose a career path. And understanding my choices, after taking myself out of the equation and to take a step back and see the choices in totality, makes it less stressful.


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