Educational Qualifications

If you are like me, i.e. an aspiring Masters student, then you must have been used to looking at these two words over and over again. It seems like in order to be a perfect fit for any given course, you had to start planning atlas 5-7 years before applying, which i personally feel is not just limiting but also restrictive.

The whole qualification game, made me wonder if these qualifications actually mean something, if the under graduate program has actually in practical terms given me something, anything. Since i am a Civil Engineering final year student, i know for a fact that my engineering capabilities are not even close to the general perception of engineers abilities. I can’t design buildings, i stutter with test results and their inferences, etc. And more than 60% of the people in my class, know that this course hasn’t helped them with anything to do with engineering. Which is pretty surprising, given that people expect you to know certain things being an engineer, as well as the time that you have given to the course should actually must have taught you something, something substantial, something that makes you curious,motivated and inspired. But thats not quite the story that is often witnessed in India.

I think what the undergraduate program has provided me with, is not the engineering knowledge and know hows, but it has kind of prepared me to face challenges, to come up with different views on things, and in general have a more logical reasoned solutions to given problems. I know it sounds a little too philosophical, but its true when i think about it.

Although its important to mention about the drawbacks of our(Indian) Educational system that overpowers the advantages of it by quite a large margin.

“Recently students at our university were not allowed to use the lifts, and neither were they allowed to sit in the designated seating areas because the “authorities” did not want the kids to make noise. This might sound like a pre-school to some people but this is entirely true!”

Problems like the above stated poses serious questions to the faculty-student relationship and that effecting the doubt solving and approachability to faculties by the students.

“Its been a long time since i encountered a professor who encouraged his students to join the field that he(the faculty) had dedicated his whole life to, how is that supposed to motivate the students to join that particular field of study”

Such experiences show that we have a long way to go to achieve a world class education in India, and we can’t be content with Indians students going to the US and doing something great, because that is just a sight of a lost potential.


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