Education Dilemma for Indian Students

I am at that stage of my life, where you are practically confused about most of the things in your life but matured enough to know that these will be the things that pretty much shape up your life! It seems like suddenly there is so much to be done in the imperfect world, full of pollution, waste, traffic, people! so many problems to which you could probably find solutions to, etc.

Living in India, most people get used to the number of people who surround them. And even though you could be a proud Indian et all, you can’t not hate the number of people here. Most of the problems with food adulteration, following of laws, etc. i think originates with the same problem – Population. And this is why we constantly feel that we will miss out, on admissions, jobs, etc.

So as far as the problem of the stage of life is considered, suddenly it seems like i have been given a very short time to make all the important decisions of my life, and secretly i am hoping that later in life i would look back and laugh at what i thought were life changing decisions I had to make, but for the moment these decisions are pretty much taking up all my time. And its not just really you who is making the decision, its constantly shaped by the people around you. Because as humans we always assume what other people say, as more valuable and smarter.

But, sometimes I think about how these decisions matter to us, at a more philosophical level. We get one life, and we run around chasing things made up by us like money, fame, etc. to curb our human thirst for satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment. I am definitely not the one to think that we should just sit around because life has no meaning, but at the same time, i don’t see a logic wasting our time on chasing something that other people want from us, or what we perceive success to be.

I think the major decision that i have to make at this stage of my life is not the career path, or a  relationship decision, but it is the decision to choose the value of life, and set definitions for accomplishment, satisfaction, etc. for me as an individual.

I see a lot of confusion surrounding students at this stage, and my advice would be to take a step back and view it all in perspective. And try answering questions such as what are you really pursuing? is it the money, is it social work, is it family, is it travelling, etc and then putting that at the centre of your decision making criteria, align all the decisions that enable you to get there. Define the value or the meaning of your life for yourself.


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